There are some signs you should keep an eye on to clearly understand if your phone friend likes you or not. The most major sign is if he keeps his commitments to you when it comes to your phone dates. If he has made plans to talk with you repeatedly and he doesn’t cancel or come up with an excuse to change the date or time of your phone date, he is likely interested.

Another sign is if he shares details about his life with you he probably likes you. Observe what he decides to communicate in your phone dates. Does he only ask questions about your life or only answers questions in a limited manner? If so, you may want to focus in and ask him some open-ended questions that call for long-winded answers to see how he responds.

Yet another way to tell if he likes you is if he laughs at your jokes and seems engaged when he speaks with you. Do you feel like he’s connected when you are having phone sex? Is he putting time and energy to get to know who you are? Everything that he communicates and even his tone state a message and the only thing you need to do to determine if he likes you interpret it. Another way to interpret is by asking him directly how he feels about you. You can see if you’re on the same page by telling him how you feel and asking for what you want.

If it doesn’t work out, don’t worry as there are hundreds of single men on the chat lines at any given time of day or night. If it doesn’t work out, just get back on the chat lines and speak with someone new. There are many great men in the community and as long as you’re being yourself, you will find someone who is in alignment with what you desire.